Caring for your Newt shirt

We want you to create great memories in your Newt shirt for years to come. We stand against throw-away fashion, and encourage you to buy less frequently, only buy things you really love, and look after your clothes so they stand the test of time.

The fabric that makes our shirts is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (rPET). It's a lightweight, breathable fabric with a soft drape that makes it perfect for relaxed-fit, casual shirts. We love this fabric because it's literally recycling and repurposing rubbish (used plastic bottles) into something useful and beautiful, and stopping plastic from going straight to landfill. We also love it because it's fast-drying and resistant to creases, which makes it great for transporting on holidays and spontaneous trips.

The fabric is pretty low-maintenance, but here are our top tips for keeping your shirt happy whilst also doing your bit to minimise your impact on the planet at the same time:

  1. Don't wash too often

    Our shirts are very lightweight and breathable, and we've tested them in lots of different hot and sweaty environments. Because of the way the fabric is woven, it stays nice and airy even on warm summer days.

    As a result, you shouldn't need to wash it every time, and we'd advise against this: firstly, because all clothes won't last as long the more you wash them, but more importantly, because by reducing your washing machine usage, you can considerably reduce your water usage.

    According to Fashion Revolution, 25% of any garment's footprint comes from the way we look after it, so you can do your bit for the environment by only washing your shirt when you really need to.

  2. Wash on a maximum 30°C cycle and don't dry clean

    90% of the energy used in a washing machine cycle is from heating the water. Opt for either a cold wash, or a maximum of 30 degrees when washing your shirt. As with all clothes, washing at low temperatures will also keep your shirt in better shape for longer as it's much more gentle on the fabric. We advise against dry cleaning your shirt too - there's just simply no need to do so, and it's more expensive anyway.

  3. Don't tumble dry - put it straight on a hanger to dry

    There's no need to tumble dry your shirt, and we actively advise against it as this is harsh on the fabric and could also risk shrinking your shirt. The easiest - and of course, most environmentally friendly - way to dry your shirt is to pop it straight onto a hanger as soon as you've taken it out of the washing machine. If you do this, you'll also never need to iron it.

  4. Iron on a low setting

    Our rPET fabric is pretty resistant to creases, and if you hang it up as soon as it's been washed, you should really never need to iron it. But if you do need to iron your shirt at any point, make sure to do this on a gentle, low setting so it's gentle on the fabric. Avoid applying really hot steam directly onto your shirt.

  5. Wear for good times

    Our most important tip: your shirt was made to have fun in, so make sure you wear it to make your best memories.


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