10 eco friendly stocking filler ideas

Christmas is fast approaching - we know, we can’t believe it either! - and with it, the question of gift giving. We’ve all become more aware of the damage the holiday season has on our planet, so in the spirit of continuing gift-giving tradition with a focus on sustainability, we’ve rounded up ten eco-friendly stocking filler ideas. From bamboo straws to organic soaps to recycled hair accessories, we’ve got a fantastic eco stocking filler list.


1. Bamboo straws £1.99 - £13.95

The Friendly Panda are a family run business who wanted to do something positive after seeing the shocking images of marine wildlife dying because of ocean plastic pollution. Instead, they decided that at least one small thing that could help would be creating sustainable, reusable straws - replacing single-use plastic straws with an eco-friendly alternative. Check out their collection, where you can even add personal messaging for your friends and family.


2. Recycled scrunchies £12

Our eco-friendly scrunchies are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles that would normally end up in landfill, or sadly, the ocean. We’ve taken this material and transformed it into silky soft fabric, coloured with non-toxic dyes in the richest most colourful prints! Bring a little joy to your friends who love a bright sustainable hair accessory or reliving the fun 90s hairstyles! Our sustainable scrunchies are handmade in the UK from fabric-offcuts - take a look at our variety of mood-boosting scrunchies here


3. Mesh produce bags £14.95

For the organised home-cook who loves a trip to the farmer’s market, these mesh produce bags are the perfect replacement to plastic packaging. Help the environment while also giving your fruits and veg a comfortable storage environment where they can breathe instead of rot away in plastic wrappers and bags. This set of six from Eco Bravo, a family-run business based in London, can hold vegetables, fruits, bread, rice, grains, dried beans and more. A useful and beautiful sustainable gift, and a great stocking filler under £20.


4. Lambswool hats and mittens £47 - £60

Hand knitted in Scotland, these beautiful hats and mittens are thoughtfully made and designed. Hilary Grant are a textile design studio based on the islands of Orkney creating luxury grade, cruelty-free 100% lambswool accessories. Hilary and partner Robert design all their collections from their Orkney studio and work closely with small knitwear mills in the Borders of Scotland to produce their designs using innovative textile production methods and traditional hand-finishing techniques. 


5. Eco friendly headbands £18

Our eco-friendly headbands are made from the leftover scrap fabric we use to create our shirts. The material is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and is super soft and silky, perfect for everyday wear. Our headbands are comfortable and practical, while also giving wearers a pop of joyful colour! It’s the perfect stocking filler under £20 too.


6. Organic soaps £8 - £20

London Bathers are on a mission to change the plastic-filled bathrooms that exist in so many of our homes. This indie brand has created high quality, low impact products for your bathroom cabinets, from refillable shampoos to plastic-free soap sets, these UK made bodycare products are responsibly sourced and sustainably made. For a gorgeous soap stocking filler set, why not try their zero waste bar soap trio.


7. Reusable travel cup £10.99 - £12.99

Did you know you could get a reusable coffee cup made from rice husk waste? Did you even know that rice husk waste is an issue? Well, unfortunately when rice is harvested and processed, the husks are not often disposed of in an eco-friendly way, creating heaps of biohazard waste. Huski Home, a family run business based in the UK, took it upon themselves to create reusable products to replace single-use ones by recycling the rice husk waste into beautiful on-the-go travel cups and other products.


8. Inspiring pocket-book £3.99

“No One is Too Small to Make a Difference” by Greta Thunberg is a collection of Greta’s speeches from her climate rallies and speeches. Educational, engaging, and powerful, this book will be a welcome gift for any rebels and sustainability advocates! Pocket sized, it’s a perfect eco friendly stocking filler gift. Made in the UK and printed using FSC certified paper (paper made from responsibly sourced wood fibre).  


9. Sheepskin slippers £48

Know someone who walks around in socks and could definitely do with a cozy pair of slippers instead of just socks? Then The Small Home’s collection of slippers is a dream place to start, their ethical artisan products offer an antidote to the modern-day mind-set of disposability. Each of their sheepskin slippers are handmade in Poland using techniques that have been passed down through generations. The materials include sheepskin offcuts from the interiors of Roll Royce cars, unprocessed leather, and other ethically and sustainably sourced materials. 


10. Healing chocolate £19.99

You might have heard that dark chocolate has lots of benefits (all that more of an excuse for a late-night sweet treat), but have you ever heard of healing chocolate? For those friends and family members who love a sweet winter-warming drink with a boost of goodness, Sacred Roots Healing Chocolate is for them. Incorporating the power of cacao and fungi, this is a powerhouse blend, sustainably sourced and made with the goal of giving back to the earth.


We hope our collection of sustainable and eco-friendly stocking fillers has given you lots of ideas for gifts to bring joy to your friends and family! Christmas can still be a time of gift-giving when it’s thought of with intentionality and by buying from sustainable brands. We love the season, and we love it even more as more people think local, think sustainable, and think ethical.

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