Be Your Weekend Self with Izzy Manuel

In the first of our ‘Be Your Weekend Self’ interview series speaking with inspiring individuals, we chatted with Izzy Manuel about embracing your weekend self every day of the week. Izzy runs an incredible Instagram account for colourful and sustainable fashion inspo, and is also a freelance Social Media Manager and Consultant.

When we first stumbled across Izzy’s account on Instagram, we were blown away by her creative eye, her fun style, and the way she stands strong to her values around sustainability. Izzy is working to make ethical and sustainable fashion accessible and fun - something we value just as much at Newt.

In our conversation, we talk day-to-day routines, how clothing impacts our mental state, and Izzy’s passion and work.

How do you start every day?

"With a cup of tea, and porridge with stewed apples."

What do you do to make sure you enjoy the week as much as the weekend?

"Taking breaks when I feel like I need it, if you need a break then have a break! Overworking and burning myself out really affects my mental health, so I try to make sure I am fresh and take breaks. Also, weekly therapy really helps with my mood!"



How do your clothes impact your mood?
"SO MUCH! Wearing outfits that makes me feel confident, good and just happy in my own skin really."

What’s your go-to weekend recipe or tipple?

"Oohhh weekend recipe, definitely a coffee cake, does that count as a recipe? Not sure hahha! I love coffee cake, it is my absolute favourite so I definitely would want to have this every weekend!"



What Newt items of clothing would you pick out for a fun-filled day?

"I have been eyeing up the Yammy’s Dancers Stretch Flares, they are just so bright and colourful and I think they definitely channel fun! I’d probably pair it with Cropped Cuban Collar Shirt in Daisy Print because who doesn’t love a fun bit of pattern clashing!!"


Yammy's Dancers Stretch Flares


Cropped Cuban Collar Shirt in Daisy Print


Quickfire round:

  • Ice cream or jammie dodgers? Jammy dodgers!
  • Cluedo or Monopoly? Cluedo.
  • Climbing trees or making sandcastles? Climbing trees.
  • Blow bubbles or make a daisy chain? Blow bubbles.
  • Camp outside or build a den inside? Build a den inside.


Can you tell us about what you do and why you love it?

"So I am actually a full-time content creator, influencer and freelance social media manager. Absolute pinch-me moment, I am so grateful to do this as my full-time job! I love being creative but still having a chance to be analytical and critical, and I found that this job is kind of the best of both worlds!"

Can you tell us a bit about your journey and how you got into what you're doing now?

“Well it was definitely a journey to get here. I just finished my degree and now have a Masters in Chemistry - whoop! During my time at uni, I started to realise that although I love science, I am so interested in it and it made my brain tick, I didn’t love it enough to want to have a career in it. I’ve always had a bit of a creative side, I loved fashion and photography when I was younger so I started thinking more about doing it full time!

Whilst at uni, my Instagram started to get more traction with brands who wanted to work with me as a content creator and an influencer and it kinda took off from there! I have always been interested in how the Instagram algorithm works so this is where the social media management side comes in! Once I finished uni, I decided to take the plunge and start my own businesses as a Social Media Manager and a Social Media Consultant as well as doing my content creation and influencing!”


If you like the look of Izzy’s style, be sure to check out her Instagram @izzy_manuel, and be sure to follow us over on Instagram too for more of our Be Your Weekend Self series.