Taking On The 90s Scrunchie with Our Silky Hair Accessories

Whether you lived through the dizzy heights of the 90s scrunchie revolution, or you’ve seen it through movies that feature this iconic hair accessory, you’ll have an opinion on it. Needless to say, we're big fans. We love how comfortable and stylish this on-the-go hair accessory is. A scrunchie truly has the power to take you from a bad hair day to a statement look.

Whatever your style, we’ve got a gorgeous selection of hair scrunchies to pick from to take you straight back to the 1990s. Silky soft and sustainable, these beautiful hair accessories are just the ticket for a great hair day.


The best of our 90s scrunchies


1. Yammy’s Dancers Print Scrunchie

Yammys Dancers Scrunchie

Say hello to one of our fan-favourite prints: Yammy’s Dancers. Vibrant pink, soft blue and eccentric orange combine into this stand out accessory. Obviously, we’re a little biased - but we’ve got lots of lovely reviews to back up just how happy this silk scrunchie will make you!


2. Bloom Floral Hair Scrunchie

Bloom Scrunchie

Every day feels like Spring with this beauty! Okay, so the 80s packed more of the primary-colour punch, but the 90s took the scrunchie to the next level, so we felt this one had to be included. Bold and bright colours make the scrunchie a happy addition to your outfits - especially when you need a bit of sunshine on a grey day.


3. Blue Shima Print Scrunchie

Blue Shima Print Scrunchie

Back to a more 90s colour palette, rich blues headed the way in fashion and design: this silky scrunchie is certainly a call back to that time period. This scrunchie is slightly more muted, but has a fresh look and feel. 

4. Mosaic Print Black and Gold Scrunchie

Black and Gold Scrunchie

This is for the party animal in you and it takes the cake in glamour. It's a true statement accessory, in contrasting black and gold, taking you from everyday errand running to a stylish evening out on the town. Who doesn’t want a scrunchie that can do both, after all?


5. Zesty Print Hair Scrunchie

 Zesty Print Scrunchie

Another piece designed to make every day a sunny day - this peachy print in the colours of California burst with energy. Vibrant purple, orange and green will wrap comfortably around your hair for all your top-knot, messy-bun and braid-securing needs. This scrunchie is even featured in Elle Magazine and the Telegraph as a firm press favourite.


6. Kefi Print Silky Scrunchie

Kefi Print Scrunchie

Add a bright burst of colour to your hair with the Kefi print hair scrunchie. It’s a joyful print, showcasing blues, pinks and yellows - an abstract design to pop through your everyday with optimism and sunshine. Kefi in Greek, roughly translated, means “the spirit of joy” - which this silk-feel scrunchie fully encapsulates.


7. Khepri Print Lilac Scrunchie

Khepri Lilac Hair Scrunchie

This pastel purple scrunchie is combined with gorgeous colours inspired by ancient Egypt: mint green, sandy yellow, and soft pink. This elegant colour palette and design is named after ‘Khepri’, the ancient Egyptian god who represented the rising sun. This design is a soft and sophisticated ode to the iconic scrunchie.


8. Fuschia Heart Print Scrunchie

Fuschia Hair Print Hair Scrunchie

Who doesn’t love hearts? Our bold Fuschia pink and fresh white print suits this small yet mighty scrunchie, providing you with the perfect statement hair accessory. It’s the ideal gift - to yourself or someone else - as it suits all kinds of looks and styles.


9. Marmo Print Green Scrunchie

Marmo Hedgerow Scrunchie

We had to design something after our namesake, and this Marmo print features playful, organic motifs inspired by the markings of the marbled newt. In hedgerow green, warm ochre, soft cream and accents of purple, this abstract design suits the sophisticated and stylish accessory wearer.


10. Daisy Print Scrunchie

Daisy Print Hair Scrunchie

Finishing on another of our favourite prints, this daisy print hair scrunchie has the brightest blue and punchiest orange around, contrasting with pure white petals. Daisy lovers will find their accessory collection uplifted with this scrunchie, a tribute to fresh Spring days and daisy-chain-picking at the edge of the picnic blanket.

These ten silky scrunchies not quite enough? We’ve got even more for you to look at in our full collection.


Three ways to embrace the 90s scrunchie style


  1. Half-up half-down: Get your hair out of your face by pulling the top half into a ponytail or top-knot. Your scrunchie will be on show and your hair won’t be bothering you today.
  2. Messy bun: This was a classic of the 90s scrunchie movement - and let’s be honest, it's still a classic today! Throw your hair into a high messy bun and use your scrunchie to secure it. Remember: the higher the bun, the more 90s (and sassiness) you’ll be channelling.
  3. French braid: Got a bit more time in the morning? Then create a beautiful single or double French braid look, secured with a scrunchie (or two) for a colourful accessory on the end of your hair.


For more how-to-style inspiration, we’ve written a blog featuring some iconic scrunchie looks and ways to style this go-to accessory. Need any more convincing that scrunchies are here to stay? Oh, we’ve got some reasons here! Already a hair accessory fan? Well, then you might just want to try out our silky soft headbands too.


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