5 Stylish Ways to Rock Your Face Mask

Masks aren’t going away in the immediate future. This (government-mandated) ‘trend’ helps to protect ourselves and others. While it’s no longer easy to awkwardly smile when you see someone you vaguely know on the street, masks can still communicate a lot. Expressing individuality and flair, masks can be funky and functional. We’ve rounded up five of our favourite ways that our lovely customers have styled their masks.


Daillen wears our Eye of Newt face mask, made in the UK sustainably and ethically.

Forget about matching your shoes to your belt or coordinating tops with bottoms. Right now, it’s all about seeing double - pairing your protective mask to your outfit. We’re loving Daillen’s (@daillenc) combination of the Women’s Cuban Cropped Collar Shirt and a Reversible Face Mask, both in the stunningly intricate Eye of Newt print - with no toe of frog to be seen! It may be almost autumn but this bold, cohesive ensemble has got us feeling summer vibes. Go full on by picking a colour from the print for the rest of your outfit or tone it down by matching your face mask with a pop of colour - one of our scrunchies.


Looking cute in Newt, this pair are stylishly wearing our ethically made Daisy face masks.
Take your matching to the next level by looking cute in Newt as a pair. This Daisy Print Reversible Face Mask (featured in GQ and the Independent) is packed with joy. Masks are, of course, gender-neutral and we also stock matching shirts for both men and women. The pure white of the petals is brought out further by effortlessly styled white tees. If you’re on the go but still want to look good, this is the look for you.

Keep it classic

Keep it clean and simple with this timeless look, wearing our soft and breathable (and still safe!) mask.

We love this customer who's keeping things clean and classic. This muted, well-chosen colour palette lets the mask speak for itself, and sticking to one colour theme pulls the outfit together. This shirt and mask combination clearly go together - without looking like they’re cut from the same cloth - while a subtle stripe adds interest. While this professional look is certainly workplace appropriate, a fun mask will leave you feeling like your weekend self all week long.

Clashing patterns

Rosie's rocking this clashing ensemble in brilliant blue.

We can’t get enough of Rosie’s (@rosieannbutcher) pattern clashing with our Shima Print Reversible Face Mask (featured in Vogue and WhoWhatWear). Her use of a larger shirt print and a smaller mask print maintains balance and ensures the outfit isn’t overwhelming. Clashing is perfect for all the cool cats and kittens who want to stand out from the crowd and make their mark. Sticking to a similar colour story creates a curated look while complementary colours create a funky, fresh outfit.

Layering up

Layer up while shopping from an independent British business producing sustainable slow fashion.

Keeping your head warm? Perhaps. Robbing a bank? Maybe. Looking good? Definitely. We love how Ellen (@ellen_richardson) has put together a mask, a hat and glasses for an accessorised look, pairing it perfectly with a simple grey top. We're also big fans of the use of texture, with the canvas cap contrasting with our soft mask. Sunglasses and masks may have been a summer staple but beanies or baker boy hats will be the way to go come winter. Remember to treat your glasses with soapy water to limit their fogginess - this video from the Royal College of Surgeons is an excellent guide.

Newt masks are sustainable and feature adjustable ear straps as well as inner and outer layers composed of fabric made from recycled waste plastic bottles, and two inner layers of non-woven, bonded interlining. Their bold prints make them perfect for styling - but they’re functional as well as fashionable.

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