Why Snoods Are The Perfect Accessory For Every Season

Let's quickly clear something up first. If you’re a turkey enthusiast and have come here to learn about turkey necks, we’re sorry to say, you are in the wrong place. While also bright and colourful, those turkey snoods are a lot different than snood neckwarmers. We’re here to discuss the snood scarf as a fashion and athletic accessory that also doubles as a protective face covering.

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What is a snood?

Snoods were originally known as a hair net used to keep loose hair away from the face. Popular throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance, these snoods were adorned with beads, pearls, and precious dainty trimmings, and quickly became a staple in women’s wardrobes.

painting of woman in the Middle Ages wearing a knitted snood and large black brimmed hat

Portrait of a Young Lady Holding Grapes and Apples, Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1528
Source: Loepsie

In the 19th century snood styles followed the stricter fashion trends and snoods were reinvented as a hair accessory for modesty. At this point the knitted snoods only served the practical purpose of holding hair back and were not adorned with any extra sparkle and spice.

black and white photo of woman in 19th century wearing a knitted snood

Lady with Chenille Snood, Thomas Cranfield, 1860s
Source: Loepsie

Bouncing back to popularity, snoods emerged as a helpful accessory for women supporting the war effort in the 1940’s. These knitted snoods protected their hair from heavy machinery and were even accessorised to be used for evening wear.

black and white image of woman in the 1940s with a knitted hair net

Example of 1940's snood for women
Source: Loepsie

The snood style has changed since then and has even taken on a few extra names: neck warmer, gaiter, and snood scarf. This tubular scarf can be worn as a neck warmer or pulled up to protect the face, neck, and ears from cold weather, wind, and rain. A snood can even be pulled up higher on the head and be used as a hood. Today, a snood is known for being a staple for colder weather and a trusty companion for staying warm and protected during any outdoor activities.

When can I wear a snood?

Snoods definitely have some incredible practical uses when it comes to keeping you warm and dry during outdoor activities while still giving you the freedom of movement. Newt’s snood fabric is robust, soft and stretchy which makes them easy to mould to your preferred style. Stretchy snoods are made with light quick-dry fabric and are the perfect accessory to keep your face and neck warm and dry for walking, cycling, skiing, golf and outdoor yoga.

Snoods are also incredibly helpful in the warmer months. Whether you’re out for a hike and trying to keep the sweat out of your eyes, or cycling down a dirt path and want to block the dust from flying into your nose and mouth, our versatile and durable snoods are prepared for anything.

Our snoods can instantly transform into multiple accessories. The stretchy fabric can morph into a headband, a wristband, a bandana, or even a balaclava, amongst many other things! If you happen to accidentally leave your Newt scrunchie at home, our snoods can even transform into a ponytail holder.

We’re huge fans of designing products with multiple uses (queue our reversible face masks) and our sustainable snood collection is no exception. Particularly important in the present day, a snood neck warmer can also give you the opportunity to double up on your face mask to add an additional layer of protection to your protective face coverings. Browse through our face mask collection to either find a matching print or find a different print to create a bold and stylish print clash.

What are Newt snood neck warmers made out of?

Our bold snoods for men and women are made from recycled plastic waste (ECONYL® yarn), and are made in the UK. This yarn is rescued from polluting plastic waste and is recycled and regenerated right back to its original purity to be reused again and again without ever losing its quality. Our bold, mood-boosting patterns are printed on this regenerated fabric in Italy, and the fabric is then sent to the UK for assembly.

In addition to being manufactured from soft, flexible material, each Newt snood is designed with a discreet adjuster on one end which allows you to tighten to fit when required. The adjuster toggle is small, flat and made of rubber so that it can sit under a helmet without causing discomfort on the head - Once again proving that this accessory is an ideal companion for any outdoor or athletic use.

What are some of our favourite Newt Snoods?

Ocean Blue Unisex Neckwarmer Snood

Our Ocean snood is a wardrobe staple, combining two flattering hues of blue for a neckwarmer that literally goes with anything. The perfect year-round neckwarmer for cycling or running, it can also accompany you on the slopes if you're off skiing.  We love this snood for it's classic, unisex look.

Ribeira Turquoise Unisex Neckwarmer Snood

The Ribeira print is inspired by traditional Portugese ceramic tiles known as 'azulejos' that often feature intricate geometric motifs. We love this intricate yet bold print for adding a stand-out touch to any outfit. The flattering palette of turquoise suits any skin tone. You can also turn our neckwarmers into headbands for keeping hair and sweat out of your face when you're cycling or running. The beauty of our Italian recycled fabric is that it's warming in winter, and cooling in summer. 

Forest Green Unisex Neckwarmer Snood

Forest Green Unisex Neckwarmer Snood

The Forest Green snood is always a customer favourite, and it's easy to see why: this versatile shade of alpine green goes seamlessly with practically any outfit. It makes a quiet statement whilst not stealing the show. Pop this in for your woodland walk or trail run and you'll be snug as can be. We also love the aubergine purple trim that adds a sophisticated finish to the snood. 

image of man in snood neck warmer designed with pink and blue geometric shapes

Pink Ribeira Print Unisex Neckwarmer Snood

Our fourth choice is a tubular neck sport snood printed in a pink Ribeira print that combines a sophisticated geometric print with flattering shades of purple, blue and orange. The Ribeira print is inspired by traditional Portugese ceramic tiles known as 'azulejos' that often feature intricate geometric motifs.


While all of our snoods provide a very practical function of keeping you warm and free to move around, we are also committed to designing vibrant mood-boosting patterns that will bring some colour to your days.


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