Styling colourful headbands for women to brighten up your look

Headbands are, apparently, “back in fashion”  - not that we ever thought they were “out”. We’ve long been fans of this versatile hair accessory - you can use it to add a pop of colour to your look, transform a bad hair day, or stylishly keep your hair out of the way when you’re out and about. Whatever you’re using it for, this classic hair accessory is here to stay, so we’ve got some tips on how to style colourful headbands for women so you can brighten up any look.

Some of us might have memories of sweaty childhood sports days pop into mind when we think of headbands, but we promise you there are headbands out there that can boost your mood, transform your look, and won’t leave you looking like a pre-schooler. If you’re into 70s prints, graphic hearts, vibrant patterns, silky smooth fabrics and fun looks, you’ve come to the right place. Our colourful twist knot headbands are here to boost your mood and bring a bit of fun to your day.

Get to know the classic twist knot headband

We’re all about comfort. That childhood sports day we just talked about? Headbands often come with the memory of an uncomfortable rubber-band like contraption around your head. You might even have shied away from them because of fear of them giving you a headache. This is where we present to you a headband that will fulfil all your practical hair accessory needs (bad hair days, be no more), while keeping you uber-comfortable and feeling confident.

Our take on the classic twist knot headband is a silky-soft, super-stretchy hair accessory, with not only style in mind, but comfort too. Our headbands are elasticated to adjust fully to your head size, and however you may wish to wear it. The light satin fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, so not only will you look great, feel great, you’ll know it even helped the planet just a little bit too by buying a sustainable headband.

Our twist knot headbands for women are designed in a variety of styles, so you can find the perfect print from 70s vibes right through to elegant glam. We’ve got a fully retro feel with the Daisy print twist knot headband and the Zesty print twist knot headband. For the perfect elevated look, we’d recommend the elegant Mosaic print twist knot headband in gold and black or flattering Khepri print twist knot headband in lilac. For lots more, ranging in all colours and styles, take a look at our full sustainable headband collection.

Khepri print twist knot headband in lilac

Khepri lilac print sustainable twist knot headband

Daisy print twist knot headband

Daisy print twist knot headband

Matchy-matchy, clashing prints or a vibrant splash

Let’s talk styling. Colourful headbands are not just practical - they’re an accessory. You can treat them as an extra, like you would earrings or a bag - they’re a way to add a boost of colour to your look without overcomplicating things. Take a simple neutral t-shirt and jeans, and elevate them with a printed headband, something like the green Shima print twist knot headband or our Heart print twist knot headband.

Who said we had to follow the rules about picking one print for a look? We say: you can absolutely mix-and-match your prints! We love this combo of the Mosiac print headband with our Shima print cropped Cuban collar shirt. Or, the Ribeira print twist knot headband with our Daisy print cropped Cuban shirt.

 Mosiac print headband

Ribeira print twist knot headband

Ribeira colourful twist knot headband

When mixing and matching prints, look for colours that complement one another, or similar prints in different colours that contrast nicely. Another option is to look for a bolder print and use a slightly more “neutral” print alongside the bold one - treating one as your “base” and the other as the “accent” piece allowing you to just slightly bend those fashion rules. Headbands are perfect for acting as your accent or statement piece, boosting an outfit and putting you into that punchy-party ready mood.

If you’re not too confident about mixing-and-matching, you can make a simple statement by matching your headband to your outfit. We’ve got a wide variety of prints that come in shirts, trousers, headbands, scrunchies and more - so you can look completely put together with just a few matching print pieces. Try our elevated loungewear for the ultimate statement comfort wear that can take you from your desk to the dance floor.

Khepri twist knot headband in cornflower blue

Khepri print blue twist knot headband

Ways to wear our mood-boosting headbands

For sure, you can just throw on our twist knot headbands and head out the door - or you can keep one in your bag for those moments when you need your hair out of your face. But, you can also take a little time to create a considered look. Some of our favourite ways to style a headband include:

  • Classic - leaving your hair down, start with the headband at your hairline and push it back. Very 90s throwback, this is perfect for those in-a-rush morning moments and will leave you feeling put together with just a simple hair accessory.
  • Up-do - for something a little more eye-catching, pull back your hair into a bun and let all the attention fall on the colourful headband.
  • Voluminous - take some time to add a bit of volume to your hair, whether spritzing in some salt spray, using a curling wand or doing something a bit different than you normally do. Then, separate your hair down the centre, pop on your headband, and pull out some parts from the front of your hairline to create a messy, voluminous look.

We hope if you weren’t already a headband convert, you are one now. There are so many ways to wear a headband, so play around and find the look that makes you feel your best. For more on this iconic hair accessory, we’ve written up the low down on the history of the headband. If you’re after one of our super soft and colourful twist knot headbands for women, you can shop our head-turning, sustainable collection here now. Don’t forget to let us know how you styled your shirt by emailing us or tagging us on Instagram