Sustainable scrunchies to take you through your week

The best outfit can be made even better with the right accessories. Silky soft and super stylish, sustainable scrunchies are the way forward for your eco-friendly wardrobe. So much better than a basic hair tie that snags your hair and breaks too easily (that, let’s be honest, we all lose anyway!) - recycled scrunchies for women are the perfect way to brighten up your look.

Our recycled scrunchies are made from the offcuts of the fabrics we use to make our shirts, creating bold and sustainable scrunchies instead of fabric waste! Our fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles, meaning we’re preventing plastic from going to landfill with each of our designs.

Our colourful scrunchies collection ranges from vibrant green scrunchies and electric blue scrunchies, to poppy pink and floral prints. They make the perfect eco-friendly gift or sustainable birthday present. All of our sustainable scrunchies are handmade in the UK by our team of expert seamstresses.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite scrunchies below for a mood-boosting look to carry you through your week.

Floral scrunchies that pack a punch

Our Bloom floral print scrunchie is a bright and happy hair accessory that will add a lot of colour to any look! Perfect for Spring, or giving you that Spring feeling all year long, we love to the vibrant pinks, blues and yellows in this sustainable scrunchie.

Bloom floral print scrunchie for women


The Zesty print scrunchie is all the 60s California beach vibes you could wish for in a hair accessory. The purple, orange and green combo is full of energy and pairs perfectly with any vibrant vintage look. While masks are still necessary, we love to match it with the Zesty face mask for a full on coordinated look.

Zesty women’s silky hair scrunchie


Our ever-popular Daisy print scrunchie in blue, white and orange provides the perfect colour pop to your hair. This scrunchie is certainly a favourite around here - it’s stand out hair accessory, and perfect for all the daisy-fans ou there. If you want to go all our, we have a matching Daisy print cropped Cuban collar shirt to complete the look, or, you can pair it with a white tee and jeans for a simple pop of colour when you’re running errands.

Daisy print super-soft hair scrunchie

Egyptian Khepri print scrunchies

In collaboration with Rose London, we designed the Khepri print collection, named after the ancient Egyptian god who represented the rising sun, and who was often depicted as a scarab beetle. This beautiful print comes in three colour ways and matches our stunning luxury loungewear collection. For a bit of casual elegance, you’ll find yourself living in this collection. We’ll take one of each colour, please!

Khepri silky soft lilac hair scrunchie


Khepri print scrunchie in cornflower blue


Khepri print navy sustainable scrunchie


Animal print scrunchies

Our animal print scrunchies aren’t strictly animal print, but they are animal inspired. Nature provides us with the perfect inspiration for patterns - think the natural stripes on different animals, or the reflective shimmer of a fish’s scales, or the beautiful colours in a parrots feathers. We’ve selected three of our animal print inspired scrunchies to share with you.

Our Shima print sustainable scrunchie is inspired by stripes of a Zebra, and the colours of Miami, with flamingo pink to reflect the sunsets, mint green like the Art Deco architecture, and hazy blue like the cloudless skies. This Shima Miami print is also available as a face mask, so you can look super coordinated on your next masked-up trip.


The Eye of Newt scrunchie is inspired by the feathers of a peacock in pop-art colours. This is a customer favourite, and we’ve got a gorgeous Cuban collar shirt to match that from far away looks like an abstract pattern, but close up is a sea of eyes. It’s the perfect casual vibe, or a gorgeous sustainable gift for a friend!


The Mosaic print hair scrunchie is reminiscent of the back of a turtle, designed in contemporary shades of emerald green and salmon pink. This sophisticated and elegant hair accessory is a bold addition to a going-out look. Keep in your bag to tie back your hair with style at a moment’s notice.


Take a look at our full scrunchie collection here, and to find out what our customers think you can read their raving reviews here! You can get 10% off of your next order by referring a friend here.

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